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Stanford Sites v1.1.0 Released — 04/23/2020

This is a minor release containing several bug fixes and small updates. If any of these changes fail to display or work for you, please clear both your browser's cache.

New Features

Stanford Basic

  • Added visual indicator for links to unpublished pages.
  • Users can add external links to the main navigation.

Stanford Media

  • Users can add captions directly into the edit media modal.
  • Users can add Google Forms to their site by using the Google Form media type.

Stanford Profile

  • New feature: Multiples-per-row.  Users can add up to 4 paragraph types per row on their Basic pages.
  • Updated WYSIWYG Headings and Styles
  • Added and enabled ckeditor_a11ychecker module.
  • Horizontal spacing has been added to the bullet list style for the WYSIWYG.
  • Users can add the spacer paragraph types to their Basic pages.
  • Added support for Google Form media type

Stanford Text Editor

  • Add a11y_checker plugin to editor

Bug Fixes


  • Patched CKEditor for anchor link id parsing
  • Removed focal_point patches to be managed by stanford_media
  • Removed nobots dependency from stack

Jumpstart UI

  • Resolved 502 errors which occurred when layout regions were empty.
  • Users should now be able to use symbols within Cards’ call to action links without having them be converted into html entities.
  • Corrected a bug in preprocess hook logic

React Paragraphs

  • Adjusted the “Leave site? Changes you made may not be saved” alert to only appear when changes have been made within the authoring environment
  • Added additional validation
  • Added additional error handling
  • Made small styling adjustments to the authoring experience.

Stanford Basic

  • Resolved duplicate ID issue for media paragraph types.
  • Resolved Internet Explorer footer display bug.

Stanford Media

  • Resolved media upload modal bugs.
  • Removed entity usage plugin 

Stanford Profile

  • Resolved 404 error for xml sitemaps
  • Patched a multiple-per-row wrapping bug
  • Disabled menu items and delete-orphans from the admin toolbar.

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