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Spacers are a great way to add visual white space in the content layout of a page. They can provide padding and open space between Paragraph types within the same row and horizontally between rows

You can use it in combination with Cards, Text Areas, or Media and Text Paragraph types. 

A spacer is particularly useful if you want to “group/chunk” a few rows together visually, and separate them from what’s above and below. Perhaps you want to have a text area Paragraph that describes a row of cards, adding the spacer above the text area Paragraph, and below the row of cards, affords this clear “chunking” to the eye.  

For Example

Adding spacer within the same row

When editing: 

spacer vertical


What the end user sees:

spacer sample

Adding horizontal spacer

When editing:

spacer horizontal


What the end user sees:

spacer horizontal example