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Site Content Health Checklist

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How healthy is the content on your site? Find out with our list of important site health indicators:

General content

  1. Have you removed unneeded content such the default pages that came with the site as examples? See replacing or removing default content.
  2. Have you removed all placeholder text such as "Lorem ipsum"?
  3. Are all headings in a logical order? Learn about creating accessible headings -
  4. Are all page titles unique? That is, you have no duplicate page titles?
  5. Does your site have consistent and appropriate tone, accuracy, and grammar? Learn about writing for the web.
  6. Are there non-English languages are on the site? If there are any languages other than English, these need to be called out wherever the language occurs in the content. Learn how to use the lang attribute. -


  1. Is link text descriptive and unique on each page? Learn about writing accessible link text -
  2. Are there footnotes or references on any pages? Are they implemented to be accessible? To implement footnotes and references accessibly to meet industry standards learn about about using aria-labels -
  3. Do links point to the correct pages/sites and do those target pages have the correct content? Learn about creating links
  4. Have you fixed broken links? Siteimprove can give you a list of broken links. See How do I find and fix a broken link?

Media items

  1. Have you replaced or removed all placeholder images?
  2. Do you have permission to use the photos on the site? Learn about Stanford's copyrights and licenses policy
  3. Do you have permission to show images of the people on the site? You may need a publicity release form 
  4. Do all images have appropriate text (“alt text”)? Learn about alt text. -
  5. Are there any inforgraphics, graphs, or images with text? Do they have equivalent alternative text? See Alternative text (alt text) for images and other media -
  6. Are there any documents (Word, Powerpoint, Google Docs, PDFs, etc.) linked to on the site? Are they accessible? Are all PDFs tagged for accessibility? See  Author accessible documents -
  7. Are there any podcasts or audio files with spoken content included in the site? Do they all have transcripts? See Add transcripts or text alternatives for embedded media -
  8. Are there any videos included on the site with spoken content? Do they all have captions? See Accessibility tips for videos -

 - indicates an accessibility-related item

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To make sure that your site is launch-ready, please review the following pre-launch content checklist and logistics.