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Accessibility scan changes

SiteImprove now directly scans your site

Your experience using SiteImprove to monitor accessibility of your site on Stanford Sites just got better.

SiteImprove now scans live sites on Stanford Sites, which means editors can more quickly react to improvements or new usability issues found with content updates. (Previously, SiteImprove scanned only copies of sites, which created a delay in reporting improvements or new issues related to content creation.)

What does this mean for me?

Site owners should see two major benefits from this change:

  • Quicker turnaround time to validate fixes. Since SiteImprove will scan your site fixes more directly, without waiting for the changes to be copied down to the test site, you should see recent changes reflected in your score more quickly. 
  • Ability to use SiteImprove's "Recheck this page" feature. When you make changes to your site, you may use this feature to check if your changes corrected the issue.

Not scanning your site yet? Learn more about how to improve the accessibility of your site.