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Page Layout Example

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Your Stanford site provides many options for laying out content. Here is an example.

Logos or images in a grid

Suppose you want a set of images to display in a very specific order such as in a grid. One approach is to use the Gallery paragraph. If the Gallery is not what you're looking for, you might think of putting your image in a table. Unless the images are data for a table, this approach is not accessible, and it probably won't look good across a variety of screen sizes. One approach to consider is to use a section with a multi-column layout. 

This example uses the 3 column layout. Note that the names for the images are bolded text and not headings. This is because when you use a heading, you need some following text.

Stanford gray seal

Stanford black seal

Stanford red seal

Stanford red block

Stanford black block

Stanford color block


Fontawesome laptop


Fontawesome hand point right


Fontawesome University