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Starting from left to right, learn more about the options in the text editor toolbar. Many of these tools also have keyboard equivalents, which can be seen by hovering over each item. 

Screenshot illustrating how to add text area

(1) Bold

(2) Italic

(3) Strikethrough

(4) Text Alignment. Has options for Left, Center, Right, and Justify. Default is Left.

Screenshot illustrating how to add text area

(5) Horizontal line. Inserts a horizontal line (sometimes also called a horizontal rule) across the width of the content area.

Styles. Contains a drop-down used to add styles to text and links.

Paragraph. Contains header styles (h2, h3, h4, etc.)

(6) Link. For making internal or external links.

(7) Bulleted list

(8) Numbered list

(9) Decrease indent. Works with bulleted and numbered lists.

(10) Increase indent. Works with bulleted and numbered lists.

(11) Table. This contains a tool for inserting a table. The table editing tools appear in the text area itself.

(12) Block Quote. Creates an indented quote style.

(13) Insert media. Allows you to add images, files, embeddables, Google Forms, or YouTube or Vimeo video to your text area.

(14) Superscript. Creates a superscripted character(s). Useful for footnotes.

(15) Subscript. Creates a subscripted character(s)

(16) Source. Allows you to see the HTML that is generated by the text area.

(17) Remove format. This allows you to reset the formatting of your text. It will remove all styles applied to the text.

(18) Insert code block. Useful for showing long examples of code.

(19) Code. Useful for showing a snippet of code.

(20) Undo/redo

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