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Shared Tags

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Shared Tags are terms that can be applied to any content on your site. Shared tags should be terms that are universal to a site’s content and/or the subject areas. For example, "water" is a shared tag that could be applied to a News, Event, and Publication item.

To add Shared Tags:

  1. In the Administrative Toolbar, select Structure > Taxonomy. 

  2. Locate the Shared Tag vocabulary set. Under List terms, select Add terms.
    shared tags taxonomy ui

3. Under Name, write the shared tag you would like to add. 

4. Click Save.

Apply Shared tags to any content page. 

  1. Navigate to [your site url]/user (i.e.
  2. Log onto the site using your SUNet ID.
  3. Navigate to the page you would like to add a shared tag to and click Edit.
  4. Navigate to the Shared Tag section at the bottom. Use the dropdown menu to select the tag. 

    Shared tags selection ui
    For Basic Page, click into the Page Metadata.
    Shared tags selection ui
  5. Click Save.

Note: Shared Tags only support content authors in curating and featuring related content. They are NOT visible to end-users.