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Publications List Page

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The default publications list page can be found by visiting [your site URL]/publications, and displays a dynamic listing of your publications in Chicago citation style with a Filter by Topic bar. 

Default publications list page example

Editing the default Publications List Page

The Publications list page at /publications, is also a basic page - which allows site managers to edit the page and add additional paragraphs as desired.

When you edit the Publications list page, you’ll see an included Publication List paragraph. You can choose citation style, add arguments, or change the default number of items displayed in your list.

Edit page for default publications list

Changing the publication citation style

Changing the publication citation style is a two step process. Once you change the publication citation style on the Publications list page, you'll also want to change the publication topics pages to match.  Here's how to change the style for the topics pages:

  1. From the admin menu navigate to Structure > Taxonomy > Publications Types
  2. From the Citation Style dropdown menu, select the desired style
Citation Style image

What if my site has an existing publications page at "/publications"?

If you own a site with an existing publications page at "[your site URL]/publications", your page will remain as is and will not be replaced by the default list page. If you would like to enable the default publications list page in the future, please submit a request through our Stanford Web Services ServiceNow form.

Using Lists Paragraph to display publications

The Lists paragraph type allows you to dynamically generate a list of publications on any page. Displayed publication info is based on the Citation Information that you create when adding a publication, and can be displayed in either APA or Chicago list format. Clicking a publication will route users to either an external URL or to a detailed individual publication page if no external URL was added.

Site managers can also create a custom publication list based on taxonomy terms, or limit the number of publications displayed in the list.

  1. While editing a page, drag and drop the Lists Paragraph into your desired row.
    Lists Paragraph edit window
  2. Under List Format, select Publications.
  3. Within Display, select either APA List or Chicago List.
  4. Within Advanced Options, you can create a custom publication list by adding taxonomy terms as arguments, or limit the number of publications displayed in the list. The example below will display an APA List filtered to display only publications tagged as "Example Publication Topic Term" and limited to 2 items.
    Example advanced options
    Displayed as:
    example APA list
  5. Add optional Headline, Description, and Button.
  6. Click Continue to exit the Lists paragraph.
  7. Click Save.

Publication Examples

You have a choice of two styles for listing your publication citations: Chicago and APA.

Publications List with APA Styles

Publications List with Chicago Styles

Chicago Publication List Example

Individual Publication Page

This page is displayed for a publication if no external link is added within Citation Information.

Troubleshooting Publications Lists #

It's displaying all publications

If your list is displaying all publications and not the publications associated with a specified argument, then there's a problem with your argument. The default for the list display is to display all items. If the argument you specified results in no results, then all results will display.


Check that the term you used is not too long. If the term is truncated in the URL for the term page, then it will not match the argument used for the view. To fix this you'll need to use a shorter term.