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Legacy Events Importer

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The Legacy Stanford Event Importer takes data from the Stanford Event Calendar feed, and then creates and populates event nodes on your site with the event information.  The event information can come from a category (e.g. Arts, Engineering, Humanities, etc), an organization (e.g. Stanford Web Services, University IT, etc.), as well as “Featured” and “Today” events on the Stanford Event Calendar. Events that you import from the Stanford Event Calendar will be included with your internally-created event listings at the URL path [your site url]/events. Events will be imported and updated daily, or you can use the Save & Import button (found within the Events Importer editor) to execute an update immediately.

Using the Legacy Events Importer

  1. In the Administrative Toolbar, select Manage (if needed), then hover over Configuration > Importers and click Events Importer.
  2. In the Events to be imported table, click on the box under Event Group Option to select your desired option.
  3. If you selected Organization:
    1. Click on the box under Organization to see a full list of organizations. Select your desired organization. 
    2. Click on the box under Event Status to select if you want to import events that are Published, Unlisted, or Bookmarked.
  4. If you selected Category:
    1. Click on the box under Category to see a full list of categories. Select your desired category.
  5. To add additional Event Group Options to your Importer, click Add another item.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your import selections, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on your desired button:
    • Save & Import: Saves your selections and executes an import update immediately.
    • Save: Saves your selections, but doesn’t execute an import update
    • Clear Values: Clears all of your selections. Only do this if you are sure!