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Events List Pages

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With the addition of Events on Stanford Sites, a number of Event List Pages will be accessible within your site. These Event List pages are dynamically generated from existing content on your site and filtered by event type taxonomy terms.  These pages are not editable.

Upcoming Events List

All upcoming published events can be found by visiting [your site url]/events. Displayed events can also be filtered by their related event type.

Past Events List

All past published events can be found by visiting [your site url]/events/past. Past events cannot be filtered by their related event type.

Past events are listed with a label of “PAST EVENT” and a note that "*This event has passed".

Past Event example

Site managers can also display a dynamic list of past events on any basic page by using the Lists Paragraph type, and selecting a display of “Past Events List”.

Past Events List display popup

Note: Currently, you cannot add arguments to Past Events Lists to sort them according to their related event type. This will be addressed in a future release.

Event Series List

All published Event Series can be found by visiting [your site url]/event-series.

All event types have associated pages which can be usually found by visiting [your site url]/events/type. 

Event Type List

Note that If the event type has a space or special character, the URL will be converted to be machine readable. For example if your event type is “Conference / Symposium” the resulting URL would likely be:
[your site url]/events/conference-symposium