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Create List Page(s)

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 To create list pages for Basic Page Type:

  1. Create categories and labels for Basic Pages by adding terms into Basic Page Type vocabulary set.

    example of Basic Page Type terms
  2. Categorize Basic Pages with the appropriate type term. Use the Page Metadata section on a Basic Page to categorize it with a term.
    Basic Page taxonomy selection UI
  3. Use the List Paragraph to create a list of Basic Pages categorized by your chosen shared tag. 
  4. Add your desired shared tag in Advanced Options > Arguments. 
    List Paragraph, Basic Page Plus UI
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Click Save.
  7. End-user will see a list of Basic Pages based on the term:

    example list of Basic Page Type

You can create additional list pages of each term. For example, “Projects” can be filtered further to “Botanical Flowers”, "Botanical Fruits", Botanical Plants". 

List Paragraph, Basic Page Type fields


These list pages can be displayed with interactive elements such as side navigation, buttons, and a call to action.

See interactive example

interactive list page


To set the list order of basic pages

The list of basic pages is sorted in descending order by the authoring date. You can change the display order by changing the Authored on date for each basic page. To do this:

  1. Edit the basic page
  2. Click on the Authoring information tab
  3. Use the Authored on date widget to change the date.
  4. Save