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Basic Page

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Basic Page is are where you add the majority of your content.

Basic page can be easily added, edited, renamed, and/or deleted. You can add any Paragraph to a Basic page.

This section outlines how to create, edit, format, and revise a Basic page.

Learn how to create a Basic Page

Create a Basic Page

To create a new page in Drupal, go to the top left of the page, in the administrative toolbar, and hover over the Content button, then Add Content, then Basic Page.

Menu for creating a Basic Page

You will be redirected to a new page that looks like this:

Page Title

Page Titles should be 70 characters or less. This aligns with best practices in terms of  readability and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google displays up to 70 characters in search results pages.

There are two ways to begin adding content to the page. 

  1. You can start with the Top Banner section, where you can add a Banner with overlay text to the top of the page, below the header and navigation and above the page Title. 
    Banner Superheads should be 20 characters or less.
    Banner Headlines should be 70 characters or less.

  2. Or, you can decide your page does not need a Top Banner yet, and you can begin adding Paragraphs to your rows of content by clicking one of the Paragraph types on the right ( Text Area, Image/Media, Card, Banner)  of the Paragraphs widget, and dragging it into the first row on the left.